Luís Miguel Matos

Department of Information Systems | School of Engineering | University of Minho


Hi, my name is Luís Miguel da Rocha de Matos, and I started my journey in the area of ​​information systems during my High School education by completing the Information Management course.

Then I entered the university of Minho and took the Integrated Masters course in Information Systems and Technologies. During this period, I specialized in several areas of programming with particular emphasis on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I took the opportunity to specialize in some tools like Salesforce Apex and Outsystems.

Finally, I got a Ph.D. in Information Systems and Technologies, where I started my research and academic career. My Ph.D. focused on developing an intelligent decision support system for the mobile market, where I attributed campaigns to users taking into account the dynamics of the volatile mobile market.

I currently lecture, mainly on the course in engineering and management of information systems and their respective masters courses. Furthermore, I work as a researcher, contributing to several Scientific projects (e.g., Factory of the Future, TexBoost, STVgoDigital, EasyRide, PROMOS) and performed peer-review in Machine Learning (e.g., semi-supervised learning, Anomaly Detection) for Q1 Journals (MDPI Mathematics and Journal of Manufacturing Process) and Q2 Journals (e.g., Expert Systems). 

Please check my full CV (below as well) or my Orcid Profile (short CV) for a more broad view of my work.

Currently, my research interests are:

Currently, I lecture/lectured the following courses:

Best Paper Award at ICCSA 2021

Author of Cane Python Package 

Curriculum Vitae